Where to buy cheap and quality dofollows links. Comprar artículos patrocinados en España
Where to buy cheap and quality dofollows links

These are our rates to contract sponsored articles for transfer payments (Paypal payments are €15 more per article):


80€ + IVA including wording
70€ + IVA no wording


75€ + IVA including wording
65€ + IVA no wording


70€ + IVA including wording
60€ + IVA no wording


Just about travel
Write by us


55€ + IVA including wording
45€ + IVA no wording


55€ + IVA including wording
45€ + IVA no wording


45€ + IVA including wording
35€ + IVA no wording


40€ + IVA including wording
30€ + IVA no wording


  • Articles to casino, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, forex, betting, CBD, tobacco, electronic cigarettes webs have a 75€ surcharge.
  • These prices are for bank transfer payments.
  • The price is fixed and non-negotiable.
  • We are the owners of all websites. We are not resellers.
  • Forbidden subjects: Sex.


We have a network of websites specialised in different topics in Spanish language. Our audience is mainly from Spain, but we have a large number of readers in the United States and Mexico. We also have a considerable number of readers from Argentina, Colombia and Chile.

If you are looking to buy sponsored articles on Spanish language websites, please contact us at info@elmagacin.com

We have native Spanish writers, with good writing skills and the ability to write on any topic of interest to our readers.

EL MAGACÍN publish extensive, original and unpublished articles with high value. We also filter and approve or deny requests for articles that do not meet our editorial criteria.

We have graphic designers and a large bank of images to illustrate any subject.

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