Biografía de George Washington, quien fue el primer Presidente de Estados Unidos. USDT
George Washington en un billete de dólar

Tether USDT is a cryptocurrency stablecoin. The name of this asset speaks for itself – the stability of the value is its main feature. There is nothing more stable than a stablecoin in the highly volatile crypto market. Tether’s value is 80% provided by the US dollar reserves. One Tether USD is always around one dollar. As of mid-September 2022, the USDT EUR rate is 1,0036. 

Is it safe to invest in USDT?

The Tether rate is stable and not subject to market fluctuations, so sharp market drops have nothing to do with Tether coins. Tether is used for:

  • Reliable money transfers. For example, a company accepts payments in crypto, and to reduce the risk when transferring crypto, they ask clients to convert crypto to USDT. It helps to maintain the value in case the market changes sharply.
  • Hedging risks. During rapid market jumps, investors convert crypto to USDT to preserve the value of their investments in stablecoins.

Tether is not a speculative asset, so it has no point in investing in it. It serves as a risk-hedging asset only.

Tether Euro Transactions

Many large crypto exchanges allow fiat-crypto transactions. It only refers to centralized platforms because adding bank cards requires user verification (KYC). KYC requires a user to provide personal documents for checking to avoid any illegal activities on a platform. KYC usually takes up to one week. However, some crypto exchanges perform it much faster. An example is a WhiteBIT platform – the largest in Europe officially operating. It checks users’ data within a couple of days.

WhiteBIT supports over 400 crypto pairs and allows trading with fiat currencies, like USDT to Euro, Euro to BTC, etc. Users can both deposit fiat to their accounts and withdraw them when needed. There is no limit for money withdrawal on WhiteBIT. The interface is easy-to-handle. Even a beginner trader will find it intuitive to buy crypto with fiat. The commission charged for all transactions is 0,10%; however, when using a bank card, consider the bank’s fee too.