Caution: Hacking!
Caution: Hacking!

What is a mobile phone for a person? This is a personal secretary, a wallet, and a box with secrets all rolled into one. Sometimes, the smartphone knows more about us than the closest friend. And it’s scary to imagine what could happen when someone else wedges into this space. Let’s figure out how to understand that a device is hacked or infected with malware and learn how to reduce this probability using mobile penetration testing. Caution: Hacking!

Signs of a Hacked Cell Phone. Caution: Hacking!

  • Applications appear, which cannot be removed.
  • Aggressive, intrusive ads and dubious web pages open randomly.
  • Buttons stop pressing.
  • Security settings change spontaneously.
  • Paid services are activated.
  • The battery runs out much faster.
  • The gadget slows down and heats up.

Sometimes, the infection does not manifest itself in any way, and the fact that it happened becomes clear to a user when bank accounts run out of funds.

Penetration Testing Procedure in Simple words

Hacken experts conduct mobile application security testing according to the following scheme.

  • Planning

The purpose and methods of the test are determined. Information is collected to understand where to look for potential vulnerabilities. Caution: Hacking!

  • Analysis

Static analysis checks the app code to assess its behavior. Then, a dynamic one tests the app code in real-time. Caution: Hacking!

  • Getting access

Various attacks are used to exploit possible vulnerabilities to determine the damage they can cause. Caution: Hacking!

  • Maintaining access

It is checked whether the vulnerability can be permanently present in the system and have access to confidential information. Caution: Hacking!

  • Results report

The report contains information about vulnerabilities, the data that were accessed, and other useful information. Caution: Hacking!

Inversión en seguridad movil

It is difficult to find a more visual and realistic way of assessing the security of a mobile device than pentest. In any case, it is better for a specialist to find the hole than for a hacker. Pentest, like a medical examination, is recommended to pass at least once a year according to most standards.


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